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Smart Gauge OBD2 F8 HUD

Smart Gauge OBD2 F8 HUD

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High-Tech Performance Gauge. Give your car an upgrade by installing this OBD2 gauge. It has an automatic speed reader that notices you to keep you alert. This feature also plays a major role in ensuring that you get accurate information all the time.

High Quality. Quality is very essential when it comes to upgrading the interior on your car. With the help to see the speed and temperature on gauge, you will get nothing less than an excellent service. This OBD2 gauge can be customized to meet personal requirements and still perform optimally. 

Performance and Display. OBD2 Gauge designed with observation in performance. The LED display lens has optional settings that allow you to set the best display for your visibility. It comes with two color choices for you to select the type of lighting you prefer for both night and day. Additionally, the digital display is controllable to ensure you can view the monitor and drive at the same time.

Installation. Installing this OBD2 gauge is easy and convenient for anyone. It fits well in your vehicle without any particular modification.

Application. This OBD2 Gauge is designed to fit all car models.

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