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Sanara Camping Light Two Sided White Full Set 100w

Sanara Camping Light Two Sided White Full Set 100w

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Portable Illumination. This collapsible LED Light Kit will Take your campsite to the next level. This LED Outdoor Light Kit offers impressive illumination to ensure visibility throughout all of your outdoor adventures. LED Outdoor Light Kit features a illumination range of up to 160ft while settling on a telescopic pole that can reach 16 feet in the air.

Excellent Light Source. This LED light kit turns night into day boasting a total of 912 LED's between a four LED light panels. Featuring a jaw dropping 6200 lumens and 64 watts of raw power.  LED Outdoor Light Kit plugs right into your UTV or vehicle with a DC cord, or can be ran directly to the vehicles battery.

All Weather Functionality. LED Outdoor Light Kit has a IP67 waterproof rating for unsurpassed protection against the elements. Controlling this unit is a breeze with an included wireless remote that offers dimmer presets, light mode, toggle flash speeds and brightness. This product features 6 remote functions including Power on/off, Light Mode, Dimmer Presets, Toggle Lighting Functions, Toggle Flash Speeds, and Toggle Brightness.

Installation. This product features portability, giving you the capability of bringing it anywhere. It has a power cable that you can hook up directly to your vehicle's battery, or a separate DC power source.

Application The Telescoping Campsite LED Light Kit features Universal Application.

original toby's brand

  • Multi-functional Light Two Sided Sanara
  • Pure White Light
  • Multi-functional Tripod Stand
  • Easy Installation
  • Shockproof (High Shock / Vibration Resistant)
  • Built-in Current Limiting Resistors
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Intensity Fast active
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