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Rear Spoiler for Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 2022+

Rear Spoiler for Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 2022+

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Dynamic Style Accent. If you’re looking to take your Land Cruiser rear style to the next level, a tailgate spoiler is a great way to do it. And if you’re in the market for a stylish spoiler for your tailgate, the Air Design Satin Black Tailgate Spoiler is a perfect choice. This tailgate spoiler combines a form-fitting style and a chiseled design, giving your truck’s rear end a fresh new look that’s sure to turn heads. What’s more, this spoiler is compatible with most covers, complementing both the accessory’s look and function.

Resilient Build Quality. This tailgate spoiler is made from high-quality polyurethane using an advanced machine-forming technique as well as precise measurements of your tailgate. These factors combine to give you a spoiler that’s extremely resilient and fits like a glove. Additionally, this component comes in a sleek satin black finish for rugged good looks. And if black isn’t your thing, this spoiler painted to match your LC300 body color.

Straightforward Install Procedure. This tailgate spoiler is designed to mount onto your tailgate’s top section using preinstalled automotive-grade double-sided adhesive tape for a straightforward peel-and-stick process. Before installing, the mounting surfaces should first be cleaned and dried before applying the included adhesive promoter for maximum adhesion. Also when mounting this spoiler in the winter months to please first warm-up the mounting surfaces to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit as the adhesive works best on warmer surfaces. You could use a heat gun or hairdryer to accomplish this. Lastly, if you’re considering painting this spoiler, please do so before installation to ensure a smooth process.

Application. This Air Design Satin Black Tailgate Spoiler fits all 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 models.

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